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Fish & Shellfish Classes

Many of us love fish and seafood in fact here in the UK, we eat a whopping 380,000 tonnes of fish every year. Holy mackerel! Fish really is the ultimate fast food but many of us , lack the confidence to know how to prepare and cook it. During this workshop you will learn how to cook some lovely shellfish and fish dishes.


This hands on workshop concentrates on cooking and preparing shellfish and cooking fish. You will also prepare shellfish like, crab, mussels & squid . The workshop finishes with a delicious feast of the fish dishes you prepared and some carefully selected complimentary wine. Because of the nature of fish most of the food will be eaten here instead of taken home.


  • What to look for when buying fish
  • Sustainable fish and when to buy
  • How to fillet, pine bone and cook fish to get a crispy skin
  • How to prepare and pick crab
  • How to make a shellfish bisque
  • Moules Marinieres or super tender stuffed squid
  • Delicious quick sauces for fish
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Fish & Shellfish Classes Dates

Please email us with your interest as we have a few people who would like do attend but need a little more interest. Once we have logged your interest we can offer you some dates

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